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Sweet+Spoopy Candle

Sweet+Spoopy Candle

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You wait impatiently, watching as the water slowly drips through the mechanism, changing from a clear to dark brown complexion. The strong smell of the coffee, cut with a sweet hazelnut undertone, slowly fills the room, already awakening your senses. You prepare your cup, pouring just the right amount of creamer, it's vanilla aroma making you close your eyes in satisfaction. You turn to put the creamer away, distractedly looking at the coconut confections from dinner, deciding to pair them with your midnight cup of Joe. Turning back, you close the refrigerator, dropping the plate to the ground as your eyes widen at the sight in front of you. Your cup is filled, floating midair. You gasp in fear as, slowly, the cup is tilted back, it's contents disappearing down the invisible throat of something just feet from you. You knew it was a bad idea to grab a midnight snack, but you weren't expecting this. 


Scent Note: Hazelnut, Coffee, Vanilla, Cream, Maple, Coconut, Tonka Bean


Size: 12 Net Ounces