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Meet the Maker

Featured above is the Enchantress, Grimmothy, and their Forever Person, Gregory, dressed as Captain Marvel and Captain America.


Grimmothy Esme Kaos

~Unleash the Magic~


Meet the Support Team!

A-ya joined the team in 2011 and is the CEO and longest running member.
Agape and Eros became Partners of the board in the Winter of 2018, bringing with them fun ideas and creative troubleshooting skills.
Midnight became Chairman in September of 2019, bringing his wisdom. Eva took on the role of HR officer, using street smarts to her advantage.

Getting to know Grimm

  • Lives in South Bend, Indiana with their Forever Person and blend of scaley and furry babies
  • Graduated from WCHS in 2012 with Academic Honors
  • Met their Forever Person, Gregory, in 2017
  • Grimmothy is a non-binary, eclectic witch who believes in equality and acceptance
  • They are an Eco-Anarchist
  • Plans to become a Full-time Independent Business Owner within the next 5 years
  •  Dream Jobs: Business Owner, Pet Caretaker, Author, Loremaster/Storyteller
  • Grimmothy loves self expression, from colorful clothes and hair to tattoos and music
  • They are an INFJ-T, so it may take some getting used to their shy mannerisms and bluntness
  • Favorite Foods: Mt. Dew, Steak, Pasta, Chinese, Pizza, Fruit, Sour Anything, Chocolate
  • Grimmothy loves watching Anime, Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Murder Mysteries, but prefers reading & video games
  • They believe that "A person should be two things: whoever and whatever they want."


Making of Grimm Enchantments

In 2002 Grimm met Shasta and learned how to make soaps, discovered the magical world of herbalism and the properties of scents. This is what 1st sparked their desire.
They began teaching themselves how to make candles and body products. Between 2010 and 2012 they ran a shop called Miniki Makes on Etsy selling jewelry.
Grimm Enchantments officially launched in 2020 and, despite the years obstacles, has been going strong since.



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