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Scented Body Powder
Scented Body Powder
Scented Body Powder
Scented Body Powder
Scented Body Powder
Scented Body Powder

Scented Body Powder

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Scented Body Powder has an array of uses, from absorbing moisture and avoiding chafing to leaving your body feeling silky and smelling fresh! Our Body Powder is made with organic, skin safe ingredients and come in a variety of scents.


The many Uses of Body Powder: 

~Beach Bum? The powder will help separate the wet sand from your skin.

~Stinky Feet? Add a little touch to sneakers if things start to smell a bit… overpowering.

~Athelete's Foot? Soak up moisture after your swimming session!

~Diaper Rash Disaster? No more! Use a bit of Powder on the bum and in the leg crevices to help avoid chafing!

~Bug Problems? Create a line of powder across your doorway or window-sill and ants won't cross it!

~Lock in the Look! Dust lightly on face after applying makeup to help it stay on longer without running.

~Moisture Absorber! Whether it's the wet weather in Seattle or the humidity in Florida, a body powder will help soak up wetness (from your skin and your clothes!)

~Dry shampoo! Sprinkle onto hair and brush through with a comb to soak up excess grease and oiliness.

~Fight waxing pain! Dust onto waxing area first, then apply wax. The wax will stick less to the skin. 

~Dry and freshen sweaty areas. Funky feet? Pungent pits? Boob and ball Sweat-brew? Apply to your sweaty areas to reduce smell and wetness!


Ingredients: Cornstarch, Tapioca Powder, Arrowroot Powder, Fragrance Blend, Mica Powder