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Pick Your Poison Candle

Pick Your Poison Candle

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You go from house to house, collecting your fair share of candies and confections, from chocolates to doughnuts. At one house you're even offered a glass of apple cider, it's cinnamon spiced goodness going down your gullet in one gulp. As you start to head for home, you feel as if the sidewalks gotten smaller. Finally reaching your front door, you tug at your costume, realizing you must be bloated from all that candy you'd already consumed. Tugging on the door, it comes off it's hinges, your eyes widening at the result. Your mom is totally going to ground you for that. Oddly, you have to duck to get into the house, is this some kind of trick? Calling for your mom to help you out of your costume, you reach for more candy. A shriek makes you lift your head, bumping it against the ceiling as you stare down... down... and down at your now very small mother. Honestly, what did you eat to turn into such a big monster?


Scent Notes: Apple, Cider, Doughnut, Cinnamon, Musk, Vanilla, Tonka Bean


Size: 12 Net Ounces