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Rugged Candle
Rugged Candle

Rugged Candle

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Story 6


After the meal is eaten, you join your comrades in dance, the mingling scents of musk and vetiver mixing with the smell of sweet red currant and berry wine as you move from partner to partner over the scattered pine needles at your feet. You know that your dancing and joy now is what gives you the strength for later, when the bitter cold and long nights make the days one for gathering and hunting, the chopping of wood and storing of goods for the hardship of Winter ahead. As long as you all stick together and help one another through, the Winter doesn't seem as harsh. The dancing comes to a close as a call for gift giving is heard, gathering you all back to the circle.


Scent Notes: Holly Berry, Juniper Berry, Red Currant, Vetiver, Pine, White Musk


Size: 10 Net Ounces