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Moon Child Candle
Moon Child Candle

Moon Child Candle

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Story 4


A hush falls over the gathering as two figures, dressed in deep lavender and gold silks, step forward, the jasmine and clove scent of their perfume wafting through the chill air. The beat of drums reverberates through the circle, the long line of their legs sweeping out in unison, forming an intricate pattern, the start of the dance to honor the Gods. As the figures dance out the cycles, they pick up two baskets, filled lovingly with oranges, apples and raspberries, an offering for a fruitful year to come. They twist and twirl, gracefully maneuvering their way to an altar covered in candles, totems and green leaves, still attached to the wood of their branches, setting the baskets down on either end. Spinning back and away, the dancers come back to the center of the circle, their hoods falling back to reveal their youthful faces in the pale moonlight.


Scent Notes: Apple, Green Leaves, Orange, Wood, Lavender, Jasmine, Clove, Raspberry


Size: 10 Net Ounces