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Toebeans Wax Melts
Toebeans Wax Melts

Toebeans Wax Melts

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Story 11


Beverage drank and fire stoked, you feel yourself dozing off to sleep. Suddenly, you feel the slight weight of something hit your blanket. Opening one sleepy eye, you smile as you see the reflective gaze of your beloved pet staring back at you. Their soft paws flex out, happy footing into the side of your hip. You reach out to your bedside table, picking up a sugary confection from a plate and treating yourself to a yeasty midnight snack. The taste of vanilla and nutmeg is still on your tongue, lulling you back to sleep, the warmth of your companion animal beside you making your whole world complete.


Scent Notes: Sugar, Yeast, Vanilla, Nutmeg