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Unicorn Flurry Candle
Unicorn Flurry Candle

Unicorn Flurry Candle

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Story 8


As the night grows long children mingle amongst the partiers, yawning in the amber glow of firelight. Several tune in as the Loremaster spins a yarn, telling of fantastical beasts. Wondrous beings with peonies strung through their manes, their foreheads bearing starfruit-shaped marks with great horns spiraling from the center. Everyone is enchanted as the bard weaves a story about the creatures so vivid they believe to see outlines of them between the trees, through the soft falling of the snow. As the poet's epic comes to a close they stand, their musky scent of jasmine and sandalwood following them as they exit.


Scent Notes: Starfruit, Jasmine, Peony, Musk, Amber, Sandalwood


Size: 10 Net Ounces