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Frostbite Wax Melts
Frostbite Wax Melts

Frostbite Wax Melts

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Story 9


Plates of cookies in various flavors, from rich chocolate to smooth vanilla, are brought out. Mugs of steaming peppermint coffee are placed on the tables, bowls of cream and sugar set to accompany them. You listen dutifully as the closing ceremonies are given, a smile touching your face as your friend leans their head on your shoulder in contented enervation. Finally, as the fire dies down, it's time. You raise and hug your fellows before heading off, the blanket of snow beneath your feet muffling your steps, making the world around you seem serene. You spot the door of your cottage up ahead, your pace quickening for the sweet comfort of your home.


Scent Notes: Peppermint, Cream, Cocoa, Coffee, Cookie Dough, Vanilla, Sugar