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Intention Candle: Grounding
Intention Candle: Grounding

Intention Candle: Grounding

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Grounding Intention Candles are meant to help give stability, strength and balance.

Apache Tears are very protective stones that absorb surrounding negative energy and help to heal from loss or grief and help even out vibrations. Picture Jasper promotes a deep connection to the Earth, restoring balance and bringing a sense of comfort. Pinecones help to ward off negative energy and is known as an aid in Enlightenment.


I am present within Myself and one with the Earth.

I can center Myself with the ease of my breath.

I feel Grounded, Confident, Worthy and Whole.


Stones: Apache Tears, Picture Jasper


Herbs: Pinecone


Scent Notes: Bergamot, Honey, Amber, Oud, Coriander, Tonka, Musk, Tobacco Leaves


Remember: Never leave a Candle burning unattended. It is recommended that all stones/herbs be removed before burning.