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Gemini Candle
Gemini Candle
Gemini Candle

Gemini Candle

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Gemini Dates: May 22 – June 21

Symbol: The Twins

Mode + Element: Mutable Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

House: Third

Mantra: I Think

Body Parts: Arms, Hands, & Lungs

Colors: Yellow

Tarot Card: The Lovers


Gemini Traits

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and those born under this sign will be quick to tell you all about it. That’s because they love to talk! It’s not just idle chatter with these folks, either. The driving force behind a Gemini zodiac sign’s conversation is their mind. Ruling the third house, the Gemini-born are intellectually inclined, forever probing people and places in search of information.

The more information a Gemini collects, the better. Sharing that information later on with those they love is also a lot of fun, for Geminis are supremely interested in developing their relationships. Dalliances with those of this astrology sign are always enjoyable, since Geminis are bright, quick-witted, and the proverbial life of the party. Even though their intellectual minds can rationalize forever and a day, Geminis also have a surplus of imagination waiting to be tapped. Can a Gemini be boring? Never!


Scent Notes: Orange Peel, Peppercorn, Apple, Mandarin, Vanilla Bean, Tonka Bean