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Tracing back to 2800 BC in Babylon, people have been using bar soap to cleanse themselves, and with good reason! Bar soap is good for your skin because it locks in nourishing oils and hydrates your skin, and has so many other uses as well! Some of the benefits of bar soap include:

~Many styles to choose from, from plain rectangular bars to bars with designs and shapes

~Bar soap can be made with many different ingredients, like glycerin, goat's milk, shea butter and many more, meaning you can choose what type is right for your skin

~Because bar soap doesn't need a bottle or pump, it uses less by way of packaging, meaning it's more eco-friendly

~Bar soap doesn't require preservatives because it doesn't contain water and, because of this, costs less than products that do!

~Bar soap is easy to use and lasts longer than liquid soaps, because you can't overuse it like you can with liquid soaps

Other uses of bar soap you may not know about:

~Bar soap wrapped in fabric or placed in your dresser can help keep your clothes smelling fresh

~It can help repel insects and relieve itching, irritating bug bites

~In a pinch you can use wet bar soap to pick up broken glass because it will adhere to the soap, just be sure not to use the soap on your body afterwards!

~Bar soap placed in shoes will help freshen them up and, when rubbed on a zipper, will stop it from sticking

~It can be used to keep dirt from under your nails and as a lather for shaving


Grimm Enchantments bar soaps are made with natural, organic ingredients and will make a wonderful addition to your cleansing routine both at the sink and in the shower!